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Now you can own beautiful New Mexico mountain land!

Graphics Copyright © 2000In the Oso Ridge or Candy Kitchen areas of the Zuni Mountains, for closing costs of only $795.00, with no down payment and a very modest monthly payment, you can own beautiful New Mexico mountain land. Please act quickly while the best view property still remains.

This mountain land is recommended for recreational use, although some owners have made the land their primary residence.

If you'll click on the "View" link and then click on the map and directions link on the second paragraph of the following page you'll see the area these properties are in.

The following properties are currently available:

of Acres
per Acre
Total Monthly
Electricity Phone
Graphics Copyright © 2000View 23.149 $1,500.00 $34,723.50 $337.95 $0$795.00 500'Yes
Graphics Copyright © 2000View 18.032 $1,500.00 $27,048.00 $265.14 $0$795.00 SolarCell
Graphics Copyright © 2000View 11.97 $1,500.00 $17,955.00 $178.88 $0$795.00 SolarCell
Graphics Copyright © 2000View 11.545 $1,500.00 $17,317.50 $172.83 $0$795.00 1/4 mileYes
Graphics Copyright © 2000View 10.654 $1,500.00 $15,981.00 $160.16 $0$795.00 SolarCell
Graphics Copyright © 2000View 10.073 $1,500.00 $15,109.50 $151.89 $0$795.00 SolarCell
Graphics Copyright © 2000View 3.162 $1,900.00 $6,007.80 $63.41 $0$795.00 CloseYes

All properties listed on this site are for sale by owner.

Closing costs are $795.00. If you choose the owner financing option, all payments are based upon a 20 year payout at 9.75% APR with absolutely no prepayment or early payment penalties. A down payment is not required when a property is eligible for monthly financing, however, you may make a down payment if you choose to. You also have the option of paying cash if you prefer.

Annual taxes for a 5 acre parcel of land would be approximately $100.00. A 10 acre would be approximately $200.00.

For those mountain properties that have access to electricity, it is provided by the Continental Divide Electric. Depending on the distance to the nearest electric pole, solar or alternative power may be a more cost-effective option. Some people with access to power select solar power anyway. The properties that say "solar or alternative" power are in our opinion most likely too far for a cost-effective hookup. You may contact Continental Divide Electric at PO Box 1087, Grants, NM 87020. (505) 285-6656.

The properties in the Candy Kitchen area have access to land-lines. The local phone company is CenturyTel, Zuni, NM. The properties in the Oso Ridge area have cell phone coverage only.

There are restrictive covenants to protect the natural beauty of the land. No logging or mining is permitted.

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