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Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution(UAN)

    Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution(UAN)
    Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution(UAN)

Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution(UAN)

Product Description

Trade Mark:“Lutianhua” brand
Total Nitrogen:≥28.0%
Ammonium nitrogen:≥8.0%
Nitrate nitrogen:≥8.0%
Microelement:≥600 mg/kg
Chelated zinc:≥400 mg/kg
Chelated Boron:≥200 mg/kg  PH:5.0—7.0;
Water insolubles:≤0.5%
Net Wt.:40 KG
Product Standard:Q/71188082-5·6-2014
Shelf life:36 months

Product Feature

Full water-soluble new organic nitrogen fertilizer, rich in various nutrients and trace chelated zinc and boron needed for the crop growth can strengthen the crop photosynthesis under the environment of low temperature and less sunshine and increase stress resistance of the crops.

With high stability, it can be mixed with other chemical pesticides and fertilizers and has a very good compatibility with other fertilizers, it can be fertilized at one time, but it has a variety of purposes, e.g. saving time, money and labor, good safety performance, easy transport and storage.

The product is a concentration of three nitrogen sources, it has a function of quick effect and long-lasting effect, greatly broadening the nitrogen absorption and utilization efficiency of the plants, and improving the quality of the crops.

Application Scope

Suitable for all kinds of crops, especially having obvious yield expansion to the vegetables, melon, tomato and fruit crops.

Direction for Application

Dilution ratio (dilute by adding water) for spraying: 50-100 times, to be applied in lower concentration in seedling stage and in higher concentration after vigorous growth. If spraying on the leaf, diluting it to more than 100 times is suggested. The principle for best use is to apply more times, with less quantity, each time 3 to 5 kg per mu.

It is applicable for flushing application, drip irrigation and spraying and to use it as top-dressing is recommended.


Direct application of the concentrated solution is inadvisable, if dilutability is below 1:30, direct application to foliage is to be avoided. It can be used before or during sowing to those seeds that are sensitive to ammonium nitrogen.

The product is not flammable, no fire and explosion danger, but direct contact with eyes and skin should be avoided.

Please place where children can't reach so as to avoid being eaten.

Please do the mixed tests and small area of flushing application test first before you using it together with other insecticides and fungicides.

Store the product in a cool and dry place and protect it from the rain, sun, casting and heavy load.